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Crypto Mining, Greta Thurnberg and Elon Musk comments on climate change impact, farmers are smarter and more important

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, May 20, 2021

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Last week, and over the past few years, Elon Musk has made comments about Tesla and electric cars, and crypto mining's impact to climate change. Well, Elon is right and wrong. His Tesla cars are all electric and has a ton of rare earth metal elements minerals, literally, and electricity to run his Tesla cares currently is generated from fossil fuels.
So, let's think about this. Is he smart? No. Is he rich? Yes. Do I need or want a Tesla? No. Do I believe climate change is being caused by the increase of fossil fuels converted to generate electricity to run crypto mining and electric cars? Yes!
So, there you have it. Elon Musk is not smarter than Greta Thurnberg per se, and Greta is not smarter than the regular farmer per se, so that just puts them both in the corner of being popular on social media and has the stage at this time. They both have an audience, ideas, and people are listening. Short or long term, both can do good if they would pull it together and do the right thing and connect the dots together.
Farmers are smarter than most people on the planet. The thousands of them are the source of many things that millions and billions rely on. Millions don't rely on electric car innovation. Millions do rely on practical pragmatic climate change policy. They do rely on food, water, shelter, and air (add some qualifiers to those four things and you'll get the idea).
We do need alternative energy sources and solar is huge, and nuclear is the largest current option. One has difficulty in conversion rate, and the other has environmental hazards.
So, what do we do?
Easy answer: stop listening to Elon and Greta, and they should stop talking and someone should put a muzzle on them for saying things that are reckless and unwise.
When Elon says something its usually out of line and causes drastic negative impacts to society; he's a capitalist and rather reckless with his comments and timing. Greta, on the other hands is an idealist and young. Both are on opposite ends of the normal bell curve of a central good. Both have an agenda and not necessarily one that is good for all. What they say, and what they do is not necessarily good; its idealistic and not pragmatic.
One thing that is evolutionary, is the move to space where digital currency and exchange trade will not be in some heavy precious metal nor paper currency. It will be digital. Its needs to be transparent, safe, protected, secure and portable. Investors will have that leverage over others already in the digital currency market. Let's see what happens.
With what is left on this planet say in 100 years, I hope we have removed the impact of "plastic waste" on the Planet Earth and in our society. One neighborhood, city, county, state, country - river, stream, lake and ocean, at a time.
more to come...

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