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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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Email Servers..more.. part 2

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, August 4, 2018

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Email Servers..more.. part 2

August 4, 2018


So far we have been replacing email servers and testing Dovecot, hMailServer and other email solutions for nearly 18 months, and finalized on hMailServer for a few good reasons.


While many customers like the Microsoft Exchange functionality, the move towards the cloud etc, and having to paid 3rd parties to house your email and other collaboration information, we decided to continue our research on hosting your own email and continuing to monitor the horizon for pros and cons of each solution out there.


hMailServer; very interesting configuration notes:


1. Derive new email gateway and separate domain MX's from domain root @

2. SSL Certificate 2048

3. DKIM create, registry, test

4. DNS mods

5. TLS 1.2 verification


Finally, testing against yahoo and gmail servers and confirming server to server SSL encryption, client to server, server to server, server to client. the logs in the raw data are very interesting.


side notes:  catch-all, mx loops, old mx records versus 0 10 20 priority, leaving on or removing old primary MX as-si or all together removing (the latter)?


What's missing is calendar and tasks innovation but that's ok.. for now..The firewalls at the edge are still pretty solid with great packet inspection and rules. Always keep an eye on the logs.


more to come...


Dovecot; one of the largest deployments out there..


very exciting to have researched, tested and configured that. love the support and collaboration on that technology.


Microsoft Exchange 2016; more interesting


while the technology continues to expand and thrive, the cost is prohibitive and the licensing is deplorable. for goodness sake, its just email, not rocket science.

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