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Crosses & Ankhs, the creation of ...

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, August 4, 2018

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Crosses & Ankhs, the creation of ...

August 4, 2018

For nearly 3 months, been working on creation of crosses and other molds and the epoxy resin designs to go along with my wife's book


This is what I learned:


1. There are many epoxy resins, and most are the same except some are a lot less expensive than others. you can buy the premier resins from art stores or just get test ones from your local home improvement store

2. Buying molds off the website Etsy or going to Hobby Lobby is easy and good to get started. Joanne crafts is a good place to idea shop and browse as well.

3. Creating molds requires one to find the right molding material; do your research and home work. we found after weeks of study, using Mold Star 20T is easier than one thinks. getting it is another thing and its a little expensive and in the end very worth it.

4. Finding and testing mold inert materials like glitter of all sorts, and phosphorus pigments of great quality and affordable pricing is a bit tricky. do your homework and test cautiously to find the right balance of inert material that goes into your mix and pour. remember, your inert materials that go into the mold can be anything from broken glass windshields, crystal rocks, phosphorus pigment, glitter, etc...

5. Epoxy Resin mixing Part A and B is a little tricky; is the 1:1 ratio a function of volume or weight? you decide. I have already tested extensively. The setup and cure time is rather interesting at different room temperatures as well. Get a digital scale that does ounces grams from 1g to 22lb range and they are inexpensive.

6. Mistakes from a bad mix or pour can be interesting. Keep them and use them as free samples or talking pieces.

7. Log your activities and results, measures, pours, and times. Calculate your cost of goods and determine your cost per gram or ounce and then price accordingly to retail and other market factors. take lots of pictures of before, during and after.

8. material handling; read the hazmat warnings and wash your hands, try gloves, and in the end you will find your sweet spot and balance between safely mixing and pouring and clean-up.

9. work area, keep it tidy, neat and clean. a razor blade is handy to remove drips, trim results

10. mold mixing tools are easy; 10oz plastic cups, 1.5oz shot cups, stir sticks (not necessarily tongue depressor types), a large glass measuring container for mixing by volume. note: most of the materials are reusable 5-6 times if not more..



The book:  It is called The Appellant. The price was $19.58 (for the year she was born) and then we price reduced it to $9.95 like other Amazon books and authors have done over a startup period and then cooling period and expanded branding and marketing.


more to come..


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