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Amazon AWS versus Google Cloud Platform ergo GCP is really fast and project based

Amazon AWS

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, April 24, 2021

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I really like the GCP project based approach. It took me since 2019 to see that and now I like it, yet I have 80% of my work on AWS and that is fine too. Its better than AZURE and let me explain.
Well, its been a few months since I had to get into a GCP account and manage the virtualization instances and buckets and accounts, and after being on Microsoft Azure for 2 years, Amazon AWS for 4 years, and Google Cloud for 3 years, the comparison results are startling.
1. GCP is faster and project based and resources removed instantly on project delete, all linkage. I like that. Great for Development Testing. For some like me in AWS, I just create a new test dev account just using a new email address alias on my main work or test dev domain account, use it, when done, dump and remove the account. 
2. AWS is fast and more interesting (to say the least), yet still really cool and linked easily to billing yet has some hiccups on resource linkage cascade clean up and auto-correction.
3. AZURE is still good because I have a soft spot for Microsoft yet Billing is still not succinctly connected and detailed to resources, and their platform is still pretty bulky. Its like too pretty to get the job done quickly.
ps. I will get more granular as I the month comes to an end. Its just doing the work versus writing about it and recalling what works, what needs polishing and improving, and what needs to be reported as a bug or design improvement.
Still, I have to admit, while being on AWS since July 2017 and moving so many clients to AWS after our huge research and testing phases for nearly 1 years, I still like AWS. Yet, GCP has improved greatly since I was last on it in research and testing back in early 2019.
Well, I am going to spend some time this weekend in GCP working on a few things.
The AWS "organization" management collection and concentration platform has a few bugs in it. Those I reported and hopefully they will fix it here in the next few weeks. Some of those bugs are pretty glaring yet then again, so many new AWS features are rolling out. Remember, keep your solution simple, strong, scalable (up and out), redundant, and backed up.
more to come...

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