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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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Layered information security and why it is important

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, April 22, 2021

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After further releases into the public of defensive technology, some of the best advanced threat protection tools are getting better and better to avoid zero day attacks.
Layered information security is at the forefront of all things considered. From the layer 1 to 7, from the hardware to the application, all the way through the TCP ISO stack, we must look at every layer and apply the best management practices we have available, even some not so public and obvious solutions.
Ever solution provider uses something, and not all are the same. There is a common goal, 0% loss. 100% up.
since 1993, my biggest concern was databases and it was sort of funny, the number of Microsoft SQL server databases with default sa passwords in production.
Today, its not as easy but the threat remains. Even Amazon S3 buckets by default are public, rather than non-public. What about 100% encryption, well, that only goes so far and of course, where is the weakest point in the armor of layered security? the people all through out the layers.
Due diligence, a living plan as well as nearly perfect documentation, and that means 100% perfect Run Book. There is more to security than just the documentation and support procedures; its the creativity and resourcefulness of the team members.
The goal is immediate response to issues using data flow diagrams, fish bone diagrams, Pareto analysis and more. Anomaly detection and auto verification challenge response is also super cool to leverage.
REF:  https://blog.totalprosource.com/what-is-layered-security-how-does-it-defend-your-network
more to come....

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