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HPC Computer for Civil Engineering, Solidworks, Autocad, Revit

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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Back in late 2016, Mountain Computers had the request from a few civil engineering firms to get a system that would meet and exceed their engineering drafting and design needs. They had looked at off the shelf solutions and those custom designed by large OEMs. They wanted a competitive solution and feedback from a professional computer engineer. That's where Mountain Computers came in. They knew us for our support services and our Build to Order workstations for their offices, but what about an HPC system; a high performance computing solution. Well, it took us a little digging and brainstormed and looked at software specifications for Solidworks and Autocad and drafted a design, and started testing.

After 90 days of balancing quality and cost, durability, performance and overall performance and benchmark metric testing, we came up with the following. Our clients agreed to one order, then liked them so much for the price and performance, ordered many more, and referred the solution on to their peers and partners. It was a nice win-win-win for all.

Here is our publicly available High Performance Computer (HPC) System by design:

Build recommendation, and we built and delivered over 10 of them in a 1 year period.

If you want a quote, contact Mountain Computers Inc. 775-287-9552

This is where this high performance system stops for now. The benchmarks were beyond stellar using any of the onboard video connectors (DP, HDMI, DVI-D).

Continuing on, let's extend the system with an above board video card to optimize Solidworks and AutoCad systems...

We have delivered mostly M2000 cards with the systems, and one M4000 card.

SolidWords Graphics Research




PNY Quadro M2000 VCQM2000-PB 4GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 Workstation Video Card

PNY Quadro M4000 VCQM4000-PB 8GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 Full Height Workstation Video Card  (top end)

  AMD FirePro™ V4900 midrange low end yet highly recommended for what this card does for civil engineering drawing.

NZXT Cases: we have used the superior design of Black, Blue and Black/Blue, Black/Red.



Monitor Recommendations

In light of the fact anyone can sell a computer system, yet who can support it?

Overclocking? Answer: A big fat NO. we don't. could we, yes. liability risk? yes. Why not? The CPU at idle is 4.0Ghz and bursts to 4.5Ghz naturally, and 5GHz is the desired industry stable future, but for now this 4.0 to 4.5 is fine... and the temperatures..... measured for 24-48 hours with a stock heat sink we recorded 70'c at idle, and with load ~90'c, and with water cooling, temperature drops to 30-40'c at idle and 60-70'c with load. Intel engineering replied to us on comment about higher temps with these cores and they admitted to running 30-40'c higher and hotter but specifications were designed to do so.. anything over 110'c they said could be a problem.

more to come.

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