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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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AWS and AZURE support and management tools for mentees and teams

Amazon AWS

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, April 17, 2021

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In the past 3 years, I have had to share and support training methods and tools for a variety of clients. Now I have to share with them the tools that I still use this day. Some have been changed since AWS has migrated and changed lots of their access models and methods. You can see that in online technical documentation both on and off amazon doc sites.
Here are my tools and its no secret. Some of the tools I use I will not share because they are considered enterprise and industrial and have huge licensing requirements, so I won't make you feel like you need it and cannot afford it.
Some of these tools go back some 10-20-30 years. Most in the industry have a toolkit. Having the tool is one thing; knowing how to use it to its maximum is another. I can do both. Enjoy and let me know if you have a tool I am missing that you are fond of leveraging in daily engineering, development, testing, and support.
So here goes:
0. Visual Studio 2019 (previously 2017, 2016, 2008, 2005, C7, C6), MSSQL 2019, 17, 2008, 2005, 7, 6, 4.21
1. S3 browser Free or Pro for S3 buckets - I use the Pro version because I respect license requirements on use
2. Google Chrome with JSON Viewer for JSON log reviews
3. 7Zip for .gz files from CloudTrail
4. IAM Management Console for user management, roles, policies, and access keys
5. FireFox for cross browser application performance testing; ergo. chrome, ff, ie, edge, opera, brave, safari, tor
6. Filezilla to massive uploads to EC2 instances
7. Linux Mint for pure SSL key management
8. SSH Manager for Windows for SSL key management
9. PFE32 for macro programming for text file manipulation
10. Visio for topology mapping
11. Office 2019 Pro Plus; winword for documentation management, excel for spreadsheets (pivots mostly), msaccess for light databases and connectors to MSSQL, powerppt for presentations, msproj for project management
12. LibreOffice for the same thing as #11 except for open source operating systems
13. Anaconda3 for Python testing
14. Oracle VirtualBox for virtualization of multiple operating systems ~10 of them
15. InnoSetup for development application packaging
16. Teamviewer, RDP, openssh for remote access
17. SQLite for you know...
18. Openshot for video editing
19. OBS for streaming and recording training videos
20. SecondCopy for workstation profile backups to hot, warm and cold protected storage; layered and rolling
21. Vendors for various parts; monoprice, laptopscreen, battplus, newegg, amazon, ebay, craigslist
22. Cloud providers math hosting and services tools; azure calculator, amazon calculator
23. Web metrics; webmaster tools, analytics, and now New Relic
24. Writing and authoring; kdp previously createspace
25. Languages; duolingo
26. IP hunting; any icann registrar; arin, ripenic, lacnic, apnic, afrinic
27. MX resolutions; super mx tools
28. Domain registrars; us - netsol, godaddy; eu - netnames (old school)
29. Training video distribution & publishing ; YouTube Studio
30. Credit monitoring ;  Experian and free credit freeze portal (not a lock, just a freeze)
31. Audacity for you know
32. Blender for you know
33. Ext2fsd for various mount needs
34. GetDataBack Pro tools for you know
35. Google Earth Pro for you know
36. HWinfo64 for you know
37. GGPCTU for you know - yeah baby, it works!
38. Minitool Partition Wizard for personal drive cloning; gparted for other things, clonezilla for other stuff
39. Performance Test for benchmarking
40. VLC media player for you know
41. CPUID hwmonitor for you know
42. IIMPC - Is it My PC for you know - it works
43. CoolEditPro32 for old school audio editing - 
44. GitHub Desktop for my open source code 
45. Paintshop Pro 8.1 OEM for old school pspimage files that GIMP will not open
46. Thumbnailer (old school) for some things...
47. and the list goes on!! 
whew. that's a list... did I miss anything? probably not.. its mostly software and tools. 
should I share my hardware stack? network stack? anti-virus IPS/IDS stack?

more to come...

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