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AWS Game Day - Optimizing for Cost and Scaling Policies

Amazon AWS

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, April 16, 2021

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AWS Game Day - Cost Optimization, this is the last of the Game Day and its about Cost Optimization particularly with auto-scaling policies. That is what I want to share with others who do not know how to do this.
For me, the static EC2 production solutions and scaling applications in other AWS services need to be explored in their Game Day. They are not really going over the details in Cost Explorer soon enough. By the way, this is a great topic by subject and let's see how they approach this. Everyone supporting AWS or AZURE should be aware of the costs associated by the minute.
Their review of spot instances versus on-demand instances was interesting and reversing the configuration and HA (high availability). For me, most of our customers are EC2 instances versus server-less containers. the serverless containers we do support are just running some CMS. Nothing crazy, but definitely light weight. For some of my clients, we have some robust processing apps, and those are not that tricky, yet we do have availability requirements for some of our larger processing demands. The more I explore the large scale enterprise solutions versus SMBs.
The engineering firms that I work with have huge data sets and processing data more in a weekend load batch, rather than steady online users which a set of applications. What I see more and more is some online applications that have spikes during marketing pushes, and we have plenty of bandwidth based on our ec2 instance types. However; I do like the mix of both heavy users during the week, and then after hours processing.
The Lambda Functions they need to explore more in their Game Day examples for new employees and Auto-Scaling for Professionals and best architecture frameworks.
Funny at 38 minutes in, they basically say, going server-less an organization can fire all of its employees that support servers. ha-ha, they said, no really. the server-less application removes all the overhead and still the folks doing the job of the application can focus more on improving their application. That's the good news, and the rest of them said, you can come work for Amazon.
They finally got to the Cost Explorer which is where I go first and see what is trending.
more to come...

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