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AWS Game Day - Change management by professionals and experts and pre-approved only

Amazon AWS

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, April 12, 2021

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The AWS Game Day 3 : Changes and the review of tools, methods and processes to adapt and support change is okay. I'm not sure the presenters have seen enough production environments to deal with critical systems at any and all levels.
The good part is they get right to logs and logging. I would appreciate them if they had a framework or methodology approach rather than going right to the details.
For example, open to closed ended questions, macro to micro approaches, and good Q&A. Something systemic versus a bug in a release at the application only layer. For me, the network operations team is not an application support group. The infrastructure is one thing, and the app release is another. If testing is not done in a sandbox similar to production, then the app is not hardened against big issues and even minor issues.
I have a feeling that there are those that grew up in Amazon, like those who grew up in Microsoft, and never crossed over between all the platforms and had a mixed tool set to achieve results fast.
I guess what I heard throughout Game Day is just AWS centric rather global and omnibus.
at about 18:15, "Someone has messed with my account", what the... no one should be messing around with one's production account and you will notice that tools from secure entry points is vital. CloudTrail is great to see the past, yet lock the IAM down.
Big Tip from me - No one messes with a production configuration without two or three people at the helm watching the ship when navigational changes are made.
What I like about david said - statistics and anomalies. that's a big deal yet, Joe mentioned syslog alot. Both have essential value in the approach to digging for an issue. One is historically looking at trends as a big picture over time analyst, and the other is a fire rescue person who needs to find the issue over a short period of time.
We need both. Statistical patterns in usage and behaviors and another in troubleshooting live production issues. I can see where Joe and David are trying to get to the point on both.
When it gets to about 28 minutes, Elastic Beanstalk is a great review of a classic pipeline in application delivery in the class on prem, hybrid mixed, and cloud only platform. Everyone old and new can get their head around that CI/CD thinking.
more to come...

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