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Mary Jane billboards in Reno Nevada

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, August 9, 2018
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Mary Jane billboards in Reno Nevada

August 9, 2018

I just have a few words of wisdom to share.... I just wish the billboards did not have this message such that kids under the age of 18 would see and tempt them. Billboards are a great way to advertise yet in front of our children all the time?


So, for the past year, I have noticed the billboards of Mary Jane aka Marijuana around Nevada, specifically Reno. I believe allowing recreational Marijuana is a bad thing but then again alcohol is legal. It's just that billboards are so blatant and everywhere around downtown and visible from the freeways, streets and places where parents are taking their kids, and kids are walking and riding their bikes. I don't see that many alcohol billboards anymore since the mid 2000's like the blonde woman holding a Black Velvet whiskey bottle seen while driving south bound over the Wells Avenue overpass, yet again liquor stores are everywhere, almost on every street corner it seems.


I recall, the first time I saw the first MJ billboard was driving down I-80 west from Sparks to Reno and low and behold, the 48'x14' billboard asking me if I am curious, and right in front of me is a school bus with kids.


The irony is that it "appears" to be a cash cow for the State. The Department of Taxation has kicked out most of their legacy taxation services departments to make room for marijuana taxation management. That is good and bad again. More taxation and management thereof than we need.


If the money for recreational marijuana actually gets to the Washoe County School District it will probably be used to help educate, curb and fend off habitual drug use like alcohol and marijuana (though legal) as well as narcotics, opioids, etc.; the irony.


if you want to take a look at the MJ 420 map, click here.

if you want to review the imagery that has come about, click here


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