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Marketing and customer demand, is it real or just garnered customer growth

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, April 7, 2021

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I was just reading a post on Twitter about Cisco and AMD teaming up for 3rd generation processors for increased customer demand? Hmmm.. "increased customer demand".
Does that mean customers are demanding more, or are there just more customers?
With my marketing hat on, I know we have huge customer growth and acquisition in some regions aka DMAs especially with the high cost of living in some of the major metropolitan areas, the sprawl to the country is in hot demand and infrastructure rollout is again on the tear. e.g. electricity, water, sewer, materials, roads, schools, Internet, and all other utilities, its like SimCity 2021 on steroids.
What is amazing is the shareholders perception of value on the marketing words used. Growth versus Demand or is one a component of the other? Let me ponder that while I do my work today.
more to come...

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