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Application migration time again - CMS on GoDaddy or AWS Microservices containers

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, April 1, 2021
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This morning, another client hit my plate last week, and needed their application and static content moved from one location to another. The legacy application had to be ported quickly and their content salvaged. They did not have access and lost access to their existing hosting, so I had to spend the last 3 days getting their legacy data scraped off on legacy platforms and then a hosting platform determined.
Well, it was either GoDaddy CMS or AWS MicroServices (containers). Oh well, price, complexity, client staff knowledge and experience, and timing came into play. We need this up and running to meet a compliance deadline for the company, and the legacy solution did not meet their compliance requirements. Uh Oh. Andy, you have 1-3 days to look at it and 1-2 days to deliver and migrate it.
Ok. Day 0. Migration started, and vendor approved, and client approved. Done! Its not clean or pretty yet we got it ported, and cleaning it up now. Training and documentation and meeting the compliance requirements were vital.
more to come...

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