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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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Remote Access tools revisited for business and consumer

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, March 26, 2021

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So, it's Monday and I am back posting for a long weekend on family travel and fun. What happened while I was away was interesting.
Remote Access to my office and administrative business client secure network was tricky. I ran into a nice little tricky situation, my secure remote access sensed my away condition and approved remote signatures yet still gave me a few tricky MFA steps and hurdles to complete. That is good, yet the manufacturer of my secure tools did not alert me to the situation of remote trusted network access pattern matching.
The good thing, my authentication protocols were still triggering and my client and our business data warehouses weekend jobs were still processing for our Monday deadline. The good thing, there were not issues over the weekend other than a few updates in the tool stack that made me sweat a little to make sure it did not affect our work.
Remember: MFA, 2FA, IAM, and other policies to allow ingress and egress into your layered security made me work extra hard to check up on things while away. Better safe than sorry. I'm going to re-read some of the latest manufacturer release notes and bug fixes to see what issues they addressed that might create other issues in our CIS methods.
Will I reveal our tools and network layers, nope, just be happy that the more you share in some cases leaves you open for interpretation.
more to come...

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