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Corporate L1 to L7 Strategy Framework

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, August 13, 2018
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Corporate L1 to L7 Strategy Framework

August 13, 2018


Back in January 2017, one had to address a growing problem with a lack of cohesive and comprehensive forward thinking and planning documentation for a corporate environment. Starting at all the C-level's inclusive of the board and shareholders, a short simple type of Business & Technology plan had to be devised for not only one client but many.


Therefore, the L1 through L7 Strategy Framework was drafted. L standing for Level meaning the layers and levels of an organization much like the ISO or TCP/IP stack where computing technologists have a firm grasp, but most don't have a business acumen to parallel that expertise and knowledge.


For the last 30 years of experience and education, this is just a rough draft of what can become more for those who wish to apply it. I wish some of our government agencies and leaders would consider.


This is I came up with, it is a 5-6 page PowerPoint download.. Click Here




Enjoy.. more to come.


L Series Strategies © Andrew R Flagg


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