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Cable Internet Network providers - why are Internet data only not nearly symmetric in bandwidth up down

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by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, March 21, 2021

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For about 7-8 years, I have wondered why Cox and Charter (aka Spectrum) internet bandwidth speeds have been more down than up?
Why is the basic package at Charter aka Spectrum 100 down and 10 up, and for others 200-300 down and 20 up? I know here in Reno Nevada, $69/mo for 100/10 downtown because the new services outside old legacy infrastructure is 200/10-20 for the same price. The Charter customer service support folks here in Reno told me that I have to pay the same rate as others getting 2x to 3x the bandwidth because the technology in the downtown has to be upgraded, and its not scheduled to happen for 2-3 years. Hmmm. So new customers outside of downtown Reno get 2x to 3x the Internet speeds because their technology is newer and they complain more and us downtown are not that important... hmmm....
Why not nearly symmetric? more like 100 down 80 up, or just 100 down and 100 up? why not 300 down and 300 up?
Enters fiber to the curb (FTTC) and to the home. in Arizona in good locations $69-100 for 1Gb/s symmetric for home and business, and that's on Cox.
Let me ask, why asymmetric bandwidth on today's cable internet providers? I know routers and I know bandwidth and I know costs, yet what the heck?
Since legislators are starting to peer into the internet providers more closely, let's hope they ask that question, like right to repair, and wonder, why? what is your business argument? what is your legal, market and technical push back?
Please enlighten me oh wise cable internet providers. Please enlighten me.
more to come...

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