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The American Party

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, August 17, 2018

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The American Party

August 17, 2018

As a political lean, either towards Republican or Democratic, Independent, Green, etc... I prefer a professional approach and one that is my correct in taxonomy of us as a country. We are all Americans so why not be called the American Party and professionals alike we all come together without ego, pride and self-serving motivations and just do the right thing, right away, every day.


In these challenging times of watching television and see the Republicans and Democratic party and leadership go at each other time and time again, I often wonder why they don't just see themselves as "The American Party".


We are all Americans. One country, one nation, under God. Would that not make us all part of the American party?  The in fighting within each party is also embarrassing to watch.


I believe everyone has an opinion and motivation for their line of thinking and actions. Usually it is less noble than one believes but nevertheless I give most people more credit and respect at first than others at first.


Which am I, a priest, zealot or professional in the way I approach life. I am a professional. Look for the best solution for any situation regardless of the make up and mix in the solution. A priest would not be open to enlightenment beyond their own understanding of enlightenment, and a zealot would be centered on a crazy notion of what is good.


repeat reading the first paragraph - sort of like jumping to the music chorus or refrain.


Where is this article going?


In 100 years, I hope we have an American party that has built and guided this country and world to a place where we have free living space, free and clean water and air, and free food. This is not socialism and a free lunch but a way of life. Sickness, poverty and the accumulation of wealth is no longer the norm.


Once those basic needs are a right and not something everyone has to earn, then we can get onto other things like betterment of our selves day in and day out.


From where I sit and see the world, we are getting there. Once we find that we can live in space, real estate prices should adjust accordingly everywhere for the better and we no longer have a house worth $200k here, $1million here, and so on.


How do we get from here to there? Easily, snap your fingers and tell the whole world at once this is the future and we are going to get there. Either help us or not, and if you are willing to do so then great, and if not then you have a problem with the basic humanity of mankind. Get out of way and pick up a hammer and nail, shovel or some tool to help rebuild and continue to foster greatness in others and ourselves.


We are all mortal for now, and we all have a higher power to answer to somewhere in the universe. Each of us will all make that journey beyond our mortality one day. I hope it will be one where peace and happiness, joy and kindness are the center of that existence beyond.


more to come...


I just wrote a letter to the President of the United States in support and encouragement of what has happened, what needs to happen, and where we need to come together and be stubborn and wise at the same time on a few things, break the ridiculous normally, and regain a foot hold on a great style of leadership and poise our President has; even though we get so many mixed messages from the media and press. (i don't even know why we separate the naming of the media and press.. just call it the information train... more like propaganda to meet their agenda and editorialism.)


in the mean time, let's continue this conversation and take small and big steps towards a vision of a great future for each and everyone of us, here and afar.


Update October 3, 2018


The congressional hearings for Brett Kavanaugh has come to my attention where Senator Flake brought up the word, fact and usage that we are the "American Party" not the Democratic nor the Republican Party. We should behave as one and not divided. I reply to him as very well said and was way ahead of you buddy!


Arizona Senator on Forbes article...


more to come...

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