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i7 8 core vs i3 4 core

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, March 12, 2021

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When you have an office system, you never know how it will be used. For some, an i3 quad core works, and for some they never tell you what other things they are doing behind the scenes that are more than what was guessed or intended.
When you find out Internet, Email, Excel is all that is needed, and later find out Quickbooks and Online Quickbooks is needed, than Ring Central app is needed; oh boy, then we are in for a headache. So, given the specs of what you first start with, and then those get upgraded and changed, don't fret, make fun of the situation, and so, oops. sorry! We need to switch out systems.
What about streaming and videos, and graphics, and autocad, and drawing files. Those get even worse!!
What is crazy one even notices the neighbors are on the wifi networks sometimes and realize, hey, get off our business network!! Who in the office gave out the wifi key and password? doh!! time to change it!!
Therefore, an i7 8 core is needed just to meet the business and personal needs of an office team member in these trying times of getting exactly what you need to do the job, not what you want, not what you believe you deserve, but the right shoe and tool for the job.
What is odd, when I look at the building traffic logs and event logs show 50/50 in regards to work versus personal. That is the question; where is it coming from? I could guess or I just have to try to limit personal traffic over work traffic. That is tough!!
Its okay. I get it. The problem with some computers, the i3 quad core with 8GB of ram needs to be 16GB of ram and a separate video card. In my case, the i7 with 16GB of RAM and UHD 630 should be enough. If not, we know we have a bad situation that cannot be justified.
more to come...

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