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Branko, NYTimes and more

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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Communicating. Its a free gift we each have. Writing for a newspaper is good, bad, and ugly. How you choose to use it is up to you. 
So when did writing become bad for a newspaper? that is the question i just read and a slew of ideas behind explaining it. for me, there is too much information and then not enough.
Back in 1999, i had an idea, called index the Internet and have the largest data center of knowledge in the world. Ironically, I was not in the right location, right people, and right finances to get the job done, yet I had the dream and the idea. It was at the end of the Alta Vista and Netscape era, and a gap, that led to the 2000 dot com bomb, and more...
Fast forward 20 years, and here we are whether or not writing for a newspaper is bad?
REF: https://mleverything.substack.com/p/when-did-writing-in-major-newspapers
When does writing ever become bad? It should not. When my Dad found out I had a daily journal he said to destroy it and throw it away. He said it will destroy you later in life and be of disservice because people who find it, read it, might use it against you and that is not good. Well, my Mother said my handwriting, penmanship was beautiful, very beautiful and to keep writing. She said that before my Dad found my daily journals I was keeping.
Alas, I destroyed and threw away my writings and journals. Probably the best thoughts, notes, creativity I had at that age. Alas, I love my Dad and Mom for what they did try to do.
So what do we do? Stop writing. Write for the right people, customer, client, business and get paid somehow?
For me, this guy I found through the post is actually in a great start. Name: Branko.
REF: https://mleverything.substack.com/people/3393622-branko
His stuff is where I started my stuff aka writing some years ago, and I like his simple format with a graphic.
Alas, where do we go from here? I say, write. Just write. Write your thoughts and make sure you are not being mean when one should be critical without harm to others. Remember, when one writes, is this the potential of a Boston Tea Party kind of event and is it justified when done so. Be careful. Do it and do it right when necessary.
Who cares anyhow? My wifey said, "words matter". I replied, "understanding the words you choose to use matter more." The balance is "communication".
Remember that.
Communicating. Its a free gift we each have. Writing for a newspaper is good, bad, and ugly. How you choose to use it is up to you.
more to come...

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