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SATA speeds revisited and research on Windows and Linux servers

Microsoft Windows Linux Tux

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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we are in the midst of server rebuilds and we just finished some server breakdowns and upgrades on other systems across the area, so where does that leave us? a bunch of server OS drives without a motherboard, ram and CPU, and a simple GPU for that matter too.
So, we found some old AMD motherboards, 2 of them and just dropped in a Phenom 9600 quad core and 4gb of DDR3 ram and a simple 350W sparkle power supply and that was it. the only problem, SATA II onboard controller, and not SATA III. hmmmm... 3 Gb/s vs 6 Gb/s ... so, live with a slower speed, or get a controller card?
All the SATA III controller cards on Amazon versus NewEgg have me a little worried. Will the data go to some unknown manufacturer? Is it cleared for US security purposes? Will my company be breached?
To answer these worries, one must have their research lab in a closed network, and totally isolated from existing business infrastructure. Buy from existing US manufacturers, not startups with strange names.
Will that help? a little. If you are super worried, then don't do anything and just outsource the research and push the liability to a 3rd party and their compliance and insurance. Don't risk it.
I have used the SYBA models and others in the past and was happy with them. The new flavors that I won't mention have me a little worried; hence this post.
Get SATA III for research performance or faster if needed. SAS is very fast and other than that, keep your profile and risk low and under the radar for your research must be protected.
 more to come...

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