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Sonicwall TZ300 reset to factor default tips and tricks

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, February 23, 2021
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Today I had the pleasure after more than a year of waiting to reset a SonicWall TZ300 to factory defaults. The client had been wanting to do it, and was seeing terrible issues with the existing configuration and performance for a few years, and I was like, let's just reset it to factory defaults and eliminate all your worries. Well, the client was hesitant for nearly 1.5 years, and finally, the day had come.
In 15 minutes, i looked at the parameters in the configuration, mostly the following and did the reset. they had a basic LAN, nothing crazy, 1 wan interface, 1 lan, 10 pc machines, 3 scanner/printer behemoths, 2 servers, a wifi ap, and that was it.
1. get the WAN config
2. get the DHCP config
3. get the licensing config
then... with paperclip, insert and reset router, hold in the paperclip for 15 seconds, and let go. now your router will reboot and the wrench on the front of the TZ300 will be lit, meaning, in maintenance mode. go back into your router to the ip that you had configured, note, your not reset yet, but the login will show you with the reboot router with existing config or reboot with factory defaults. don't be afraid, click factor defaults and go.
now, switch your pc lan adapter to the default network for the SonicWall, and make sure you have a cmd prompt up or terminal and be pinging the default address of and another for your pre-existing lan router ip address, and some internet address (ip), ping with a -n 5000 option so you can see when things go up and down, and of course have your pc connected to the LAN set to some hard address like until you get it back to your original LAN class C address.
get back into the router, and do the wizard and put in the WAN interface, leave the admin password the default, and make sure you get on the Internet, then do the Wizard and disable WAN ping and WAN secure remote access, and then change the LAN ip and dhcp to what you want it to be.
change your admin password, write it down somewhere safe, and then activate your licensing and enable your features.
The majority of your network should just come back to normal if you have a mix of static and dynamic hardware configurations. normally, printers, servers, wifi, etc will be reachable again without a hassle. the dynamic stuff you might have to tweak. the wifi, use your phone and connect to the AP and see that it connects still and you get an Internet green light connect.
it feels great when the reset to factory defaults is done so you now can feel better about something you adopted and not quite sure how well you could trust all the configuration complexities and errors that could have occurred over time.
more to come...

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