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Sales 101 - make your offer and then go for the no

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, February 6, 2021

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I am asked constantly from sales people to listen to them and buy their stuff. Has that happened to you?
Here are my suggestions:
1. do I need what they are selling?
2. did they get to the point?
3. when I said, no thank you, did they switch to "convincing" mode rather than "sales" mode.
ps. I am a soft sell, not a hard sell. If the product or service is timed right and I have the need, let's discuss. If neither exist, please stop and move on to your next target. 
If you are in sales, stay in sales mode, and don't ever switch to convincing mode. Go for the no. It will save you time and money and above all, your own sanity! No is an answer, and when a person says "no", can you tell in their voice they mean it, or not?! That is the question.
Oh, big tip - don't take "Yes" people as the holy grail. Make sure, when they say "yes", they can commit and sign the check and close the deal. Don't waste your time on those that have no authority to make decisions. It's not impolite to verify a persons authorization level, in fact, its appropriate to clarify who you are dealing with; what is their authority and authorization level for what you are selling. Duh!!
For me, when a sales offering conversation is about 30 seconds to 3 minutes, and when if I have heard enough, and I say, no, that means no, for now, yet not forever.
Suggestion to all: do not try and switch to a convincing mode. Don't try and convince people off their decision and their position. Unless for some reason you have to... remember, this is not family, this is not love, this is not a child. This is business.
Go for the No. If I say No, I mean No, at the moment. Unless more information comes in that makes me want to say yes.
I learned this advice through an epiphany over the last 20-30 years of dealing with the public; not necessarily in sales yet primarily in support of the public and clients. Either you want my help the way I am giving it to you or not. It's that easy.
Don't worry, there are a million other choices to be made today, this week, this year, and don't get bent out of shape if someone tells you no, harshly or kindly. Its not the end of the world. Just be patient with yourself, them and everyone, if they are just as willing. Remember, if they are impatient, huffy and puffy, in a rush, in a hurry, and trying to be all that and seem smart; stop them or get out of their way; remember, be wise to thinking through things; and if that is not okay to them - they are not for you.
Remember, I know people who are rush, rush, rush and then tell you that you procrastinate, and they look at you and you at them, and they are the ones on the limbs of a risky life, not you. Remember, reward must exceed risk, not some gamble.
Stay on your rock and push them to the curb. If you have sales people in your family and life, remember, they have a tough job. Allow them to be crazy most of the time yet stay away from you when they are in sales and convincing modes because it will drive you crazy.
Everyone has a style. A method. A motive. Make sure your motives remain true and protected.
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