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Communication 101 - making your point and move on

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, February 5, 2021
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In communications, especially Journalism, writing, ghost writing, tweeting, quora and more...
the first few rules are;
1. make your point
2. confirm your validity to yourself and universe
3. move on
don't wait for the herd to agree. group think is usually wrong. there is a standard bell curve and deviation in all things considered. if people don't agree now, they won't over time usually; don't expect its going to happen 100% any time soon.
if your instincts are right, and they usually are, continue on your path and hope for the best in others; even if they are wrong, not quite there yet, or slightly bent or harshly bent based on bad values and hard life. there is an existence of a cancel culture when in opposition to ones view. so, make your point, move on, keep up the great work. stand your ground and don't apologize unless you believe you are being overreaching and too strong; some people need kid cloves to learn and relearn the basics, and some need to be dropped like a hot rock in a lake even when explained things and they still are stubborn to resist understanding and accepting.
remember in time, you will be proven correctly; just not today in the minds of group think. don't worry. karma has a way of working itself through everyone once they get it, either the easy way or hard way. they will either come around or not. not all will be saved; from themselves and others. i have found; if one gets push back, fine, take back your statement and post; you made your point; move on. some will agree in silence and others who disagree will voice it. its called the silent majority.
have faith in people even when they seem faithless; yet remember, don't compromise your values and don't let anyone move you off your rock of strength. the universe knows; just ask and you will get a quantum level response.
more to come...

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