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latest computer build to order recommendation of AMD or Intel

AMD Processor Intel Processor

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, February 2, 2021

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For the latest client recommended build, he wanted Intel, so I researched the parts for him at cost, and then sent this out to him:
CASE: ATX or mini-ATX- Black Deep Cool ATX Mid Tower $79
PSU : 650W-750W   Gigabyte 650W $79
MOBO: B550 or X570 ATX/mini-ATX     MSI MPG Z490 LGA 1200 ATX Intel Motherboard $190       
PROCESSOR: Intel or AMD? i7 or Ryzen 7   Intel Core i7-10700K 8-core LGA 1200 $ 399
COOLER: Noctua, not a water cooler, 6-8 pipe  Noctua NH-U12S 120mm $150
RAM: 16-32-64GB RAM DDR4 3000Mhz-   Corsair Vengeance 32GB 3000Mhz x 2 = $149 x 2 = $300
HDD: m.2 2280 NVMe 500GB or 1TB x 1 and/or 2TB SSD/SSHD x 1   2TB   Samsung 970 EVO Pro m.2 $350
OS: Windows 10 Home/Pro (64 bit) OEM - $100
Now the GPU? What do you know you need??
Subtotal was like $1667 + tax, some S/H and then 2-3-4 hours @ $75 to build and configure for him, transfer his programs, data, optimize.
He came back and said his budget was $1000 or less, yet wanted top of the line build, for processor and hard drives, so therefore, I recommended he looked for off the shelf systems that might have a deep discount from B&H, Military Exchange since he was military, or Costco.
more to come...

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