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Repeating itself...History

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, June 5, 2018

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Repeating itself...History

June 5, 2018


its ironic how much we see history repeating itself in our government, our communities, and our lives.


The newness of innovation is great yet the mistakes repeated even in the newest creations inherently include similar if not the same errors we made in the past on the same level.


For example, just in the news, mobile developers are creating the same bugs in their programming that old school application developers did some 10, 20, 30, and 40 years ago. That should not happen. Why is it? because the old programmers who learned their lesson are either dead, gone, don't care or are not in charge of the younger new generation that have to learn through these mistakes.


Another example, our politics. The simple issue at hand is greed and motivation to do so when competition exists. We are in a more or less free and open market (if you can get past all the BS coughs) regarding over licensing and over regulations all in the name of consumer protection. That is fine with me. I enjoy it as a small business owner, and yes, even our local and state governments have a few "captain obvious" issues, we just have to hope they get weeded out eventually by either the old wood leaving, retiring or dying.


For example, why do we have a city business license tax and a state business license tax? I live in the city and the state, and I have to pay two taxes for the same thing - ability to do work here. I guess this is where Mayors think they are above Governors and the bureaucracy is so set on maintaining a healthy general fund to pay unfunded liabilities. That is the course of doing business I guess everything - feed the pig - feed the machine and just be quiet and get back to work to pay the taxes to pay for those social services (while some are essential and necessary, others are just duplicated and wasteful). No one in leadership of late has the courage to wipe out a department or division or two and just streamline the government operations.


History does repeat itself.


Let's talk for a moment about this "wall" between Mexico and the United States. First of all, legal immigration is important. That is how most of us got here in the last 200 years, either through our parents, grant parents, etc. Back then, the originally owned native American land was open, vast and peaceful and then came settlers (excuse me, conquerors), and then came the law and politics that comes with the formation and development of a society (just think about SimCity™ or Farmville™).


Back to my point about the "wall". The United States became what we have today through battle, conquer, and land selling and purchasing deals between countries and tribes. Borders and territories, soft walls and hard walls and barriers were created (ergo, here comes the Border Patrol).


Go back 50-80 years and you have the wall between East and West Germany. That was created and built, and took fell 50-60 years before that was torn down and fell. Will the same happen here? Will we build a wall that just needs to be torn down in a few decades?


History repeats itself. What have we learned? Only the wise will see that only between good men and women will peace remain, and greed and capitalism will exist until we conquer our local and immediately available "space", one of many future final frontiers.


Oh, and one last note on why I wrote this blog, the current POTUS said the wall is under construction; well, maybe it is, maybe it isn't. We can say $127 million was spent to repair and upgrade an existing part of the wall, and you don't need Congress to do that. That's called a repair to an existing structure whereas the City of Reno permit place does not require a permit in some to many cases in fence repair. Now, if the wall ergo my fence is new development and build, yes, a permit is required, unless you can prove that there once was or is sort of a fence of some type that needs repair. I digress.


History will repeat itself.


more to come....

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