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Partnerships and Communications and efficiency with ones time

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2021

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I had the opportunity to talk with a few people in the last few days. One thing about them is that their speed and efficiency of listening skills and communications skills needs to be more succinct.
Mine, succinct. Timely, effective, to the point, and get to the point. We have to maximize our time and results in part one, building trust, part two, knowing ones value, part three, openness and still being somewhat protected like in TMI.
Tip 1: stop convincing and stick to selling. you have something, show it, sell it or take it away.
For one, I like to learn, share, and keep up the pace. Some like to banter and wander around a little. Women have this great gift, pushing and receiving information through communications asymmetrically; me too. Right brain, Left Brain at speed. Not everyone does that and does not pick up on silent queues of where a conversation is headed, for better or worse, and how to wrap things up.
Tip 2: Say what you are going to do, and do it.
Even background processing of communications to build relationships is valuable. When done with an interaction, processing, research, background it, dig, and reply and add if appropriate. Remember, that the baton of equal and fair communications starts with wanting to trust and build a relationship.
Even if awkward at first, the results can be positive in the long run. Who knows. Leave a lasting good impression, or even a bad impression can be somewhat meaningful for it does show weakness and room for improvement.
Tip 3: Time is a resource one should not waste. Leverage it. Don't waste other peoples time. Come prepared or don't come at all. Bring your A game or stay off the field.
Not everyone on your team and extended teams are at the same level and speed, so one does have to listen carefully and read body language and sense when to change gears, wrap things up and get going.
Have a great time no matter what. People are fun. Being brutally honest has its benefits and pitfalls. Some people just won't take no as an answer while others go for the no and move on. I am a little of both.
Ps. I won't waste your time if you promise to not waste my time. With that being said, I know its my decision if I want to waste my time, its not your decision. Don't forget that. I will still help you yet get to the point and stop fishing for what you are looking for. Just put it out there what you want and if you get a no, let it go.

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