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PCI Express lanes - maximum usage and optimization and performance

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, January 17, 2021

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In the last few days, I had the opportunity to add an RTX 3090 card to a Threadripper 3960X system. The part I did not tell you about was the motherboard and re-organization of the PCI Express slots.
What happened was this:
1. PCI Express x16 slot 1 - 2080Ti card - removed
2. Reorganize case and drives and chassis parts to accomodate 3090 size
3. Install 3090 to PCI Express Slot 2
4. Install Deckland video processing card ins PCI Express Slot 1
5. Computer boot BIOS/UEFI adjusted to initialize display to PCI Express Slot 2 - while #4 Slot 1 install was removed to get Slot 2 to focus on BIOS/UEFI splash screen
6. There was a problem on boot where the m.2 OS 1TB was unrecognized while the 3090 was installed on PCI Express Slot 2. What the heck? Remembering back to my other builds where PCI Express x16 slots and lanes on the motherboard were like 4 x 4 (3-4 PCI Express x16 slots, and 2-3 m.2 2280 slots), one should/must not collide devices on the same slots and lanes without sharing violations or degradation of the performance of the 4 lanes per slot. Okay, that might not be technically accurate, but from a motherboard manual, I read, don't do that. Don't put more on this lane and slot than allowed.
7. Therefore, move m.2 2280 NVME Samsung 1TB from m.2 slot 2 where the 3090 is to Slot 3 (there is 1, 2, 3), note, from 2 to 3, where there is no device.
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