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Desktop builds, optimizations and streamlining, back end processing

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, January 4, 2021

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So the year begins with back end processing of some 20+ years of data collection on PC desktop server network processing. From Folding @ Home to Bench marking ZTD files to PEST files.
The categories and their priorities are as follows:
1. Servers (including local virtualization vs cloud )
2. Desktops
3. Networks
4. Databases
5. Applications
The basis will be on technologies and protocols, and suppliers involved:
1. Hard drive technologies: SATA III vs SSD vs. NVMe
2. RAM frequency: 1333 vs 1600 vs 2133 vs 3000 vs 3600
3. CPU sockets and processors: i5 vs i7, Ryzen 7 vs Ryzen 9, LGA 1151 vs 1366 vs 2011 vs AM3+ vs AM4
4. Databases protocols and types : SQL OLE-DB vs .Net RDBMS, SQL vs NoSQL, RDBMS vs JSON
5. Networks: Cat5e vs Cat6 vs Cat8 (yes we skipped CAT 7 and Fibre Channel and Fabric Switching)
* notes: we could do virtualization on VMWARE vs VirtualBox vs Parallels
the outcomes will be quite revealing.
Our direct suppliers over the years have been Dell, HP, MSI, Micron, Crucial, and wholesalers ASI CDWg B&H NewEgg Biz, TigerDirect Biz.
We shall see how all things come into play as we plan for 2021.
more to come...

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