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Blog thumbnail choices and professionalism

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, December 31, 2020

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In the past 2 years of this blog, the thumbnail for it was our company logo, the M, and though our blog had a separate thumbnail and icon, a stack of books is what we used.
However, that icon and thumbnail was bland until we added text to the back binding and colored it to match our GGPCTU green colors, yet still the M was in our twitter and linked in posts. 
It was not until a few days ago, we thought, why not just separate the META include file from our website and just thumbnail our Blog logo instead and see what happens. Well, the result took a day or two to have website caching and browser caching to stop, and now we have a nice looking and appealing logo for our twitter and linked in posts from our blog called myBlog.
Slowly yet surely, improvements are coming. Now if we could just get our VLOG post video editing improved from zero to hero. Happy New Year 2021 might bring that about. LTT and others took a few years to do that. We are at that point too.
more to come...

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