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foreseeing the future...

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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foreseeing the future...

June 19, 2018

When you step back and slow down to an almost stop and stillness, for a moment, and slow down your gaze and realize when you look out your eyes -- at this moment, you are aware.


When you stop and analyze all you can remember, all your experiences, all that you can connect the dots - can you see your own future?


I believe so.


Just look around and watch people as they do whatever; do they see you? You see them. Are they truly aware like you are of your surroundings and what is happening at every single second, every breath you take, every eye blink.




All these things that you sense, good or bad, joyous or painful -- this is now. Not forever, but for a moment, you are at a moment to either go left, go right, or begin a new journey straight ahead, where others think of going, but are too afraid to do so.




When you connect the dots, where you are now, and where you will be... project yourself there. Plant seeds ahead of your steps, stack the deck if you will in advance, and remain mysterious and aware of others.


A Prophecy.


When you look back and notice all that is and was; take a deep breath, close your eyes, hold those memories in your hands and release them upwards and into oblivion, infinity. They will always be there, yet let them go, and embrace yours senses and see beyond your home, your city, the state, your country, and project your senses around the Earth like a wave of thought and energy; can you feel it?


It is real. What you see. You already knew it. Smile and sit back. In great comfort.


At the end of your days, just remember, it will be okay. Just let it go.


Rest assured. Smile. It was a good day.


~the prophet.


...more to come...

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