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Ran out of Disk Space - Worldwide Issue for Cloud Providers

by Andy Flagg, Publication Date: Thursday, December 24, 2020
View Count: 134, Keywords: Cloud, Disk Space, Hashtags: #Cloud #DiskSpace

It's funny, when the world wants to monitor and collect all Internet data and traffic, when does it stop?
For me, its simple. Stop. You are running out of disk space.
The fun part that I like; why are you trying to remember everything about me? Are you a stalker? Why are you tracking me in the first place, and why? forever?
Just purge your databases, drives, and logs, and you will be happier, like me.
Let us get back to civility and honesty; not you know more about me than I know about you.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - sure you want drama - link up with TMZ and enjoy.
Yours Truly, Make the world safe please.

Just an Archangel living today among you,
more to come.

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