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Programming suggestions for newbies

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, December 18, 2020

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For those wanting or needing to learn to computer programming; write the c/c++/c# code on 2 platforms, Linux and Windows using whatever IDE and compilers you want.

My suggestion to newbie programmers at any age do the following first before anything else.

  1. read and write to a file — e.g. File I/O
  2. read and write to a database - e.g. SQL/RDBMS
  3. make sure #1 and #2 is using the fastest most stable readable solution without breaking IEEE laws
After that, then figure out which layer of the OSI-TCP/IP stack you want to program/develop. Some want to be at the application layer, and some want to be a little deeper. Whatever you decide, remember, you can change your mind. As long as what your programming is needed and useful along with some other caveats.
* For the brave and courageous, I would encourage learning assembly and/or at least in-line assembly in your c/c++ code as well.
Then create your own projects and be your own project / product owner. Make them client/server, stand-alone, web based, as to learn many hosted or non-hosted environments.
Also, determine how to use project management and visualization tools to describe your data flows (i/o), process flows, testing and audit flows, business processes, technical documentation, installation documentation, legal-ease of your code, trademarks, copyrights, patent-ability, etc.
By all means, learn to comment your code appropriately and share your code like I do, on your own blog.
Do you want to be a high level or low level programmer? a bit twiddler or a program manager junkie for the short or long term. how many hours per day will you be programming versus conceptualizing, prototyping, testing, releasing, supporting, marketing, bug fixing, etc.
no matter what. enjoy yourself.
REF:  https://www.guru99.com/difference-tcp-ip-vs-osi-model.html
more to come...

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