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G.Skill Silver DDR4 3000 2x8GB gone bad replace with Crucial 2x8GB 3200

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2020

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Today I ran into an instance where the G.Skill memory (1 of 2) or both DDR4 3000 8GB chips went bad. The entire fiasco started out with intermittent blue stop codes for windows 10. the client went to some other IT companies before me and no solution found. Well, just from the error stop codes, I said, that sounds like memory.
Well, after being unsure if the OS was corrupted beyond it's own repair and stop codes even on DISM and SFC scan's I thought, well, this guy has 2x8GB for 16GB and all I carry for my own projects is 1x32GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000. So I tried that and voila, all was peaceful.
So, we did not want to waste a 1x32 so I got 2x8 Crucial DDR4 3200 and it would not XMP enable so I did a OC set for that speed. No boot. Dang. So I left it at default and it would clock out at 2666. Hmmm.. not good enough, either that or get to 3000 and call it good, or return the RAM and borrow some 2x8 blue G.Skill from a server that is running and give the server the Crucial 2x8 at 3200. Hmmm..
Well, it's going to be Thursday before I have my solution yet for now, that is all. Oh yeah, I did flash the BIOS for USB stability issues and this guy did have a pen pad, and his CPU was i7-7700 and that bios update solved some potential security issues.
more to come...

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