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Email Server technology...

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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Email Server technology...

July 31, 2018

It's another great day!! .. Figuring out new replacement email server technology to my previous email server technology... looked at Exchange 2016, Dovecot, and hMailServer, and cloud solutions. It never gets dull.



Ps. been at it for 18 months studying and testing lots of platforms. In the last 3 months narrowed it down to one, and in the last 2-3 weeks beta testing.. cool new beginnings.


EMAIL SERVER TECHNOLOGY EXTRA CREDIT: If you are curious who (~8 to 40 per second) is knocking on your business technology door every second, look at your website and email server logs and see who is scanning, probing and rattling the lock on your business door knob. You might be surprised. Honeypots and other forms of intelligence gathering is an eye opener for most who just don't know, don't care or don't wish to know (head in sand). Best to keep your eye on the ball and know who is knocking. I do, we do.It's a lot more than you believe.


Moving back to the article, look on slide 13 or 14 @ this link, there are some interesting thoughts to carefully consider.


1. Zoho is an Israel based corporation. Sort of like Kaspersky being from Russia. I know I know, globalization is what helps the world go round. Do most businesses using ZOHO ever do the background and study the company, and read the investor news on most of the technologies their company's leverage? I do. We have studied their business model and management. Sort of like WIX.com ; another middle east technology startup.


2. Yandex Mail is Russia based.. yes or no?.. check it out. If you have website logs, you will notice Yandex search bots, a lot in the past and now obscured. Might as well say Baidu something..

3. Mail.com is interesting.. feels like AOL mail.




"Depending on how much storage you need, businesses can end up spending a lot of cash on an email provider. Money, that for a small business, could be better spent.


There are a couple of free options that offer a business-focused service. Other free email software is only available for personal use, so we'll avoid that for now.


We've already mentioned Zoho Workplace, but its free plan is one of the best. As soon as you sign up, you'll be able to set it up for up to 25 users, receive 5GB of storage per user, gain webmail access and run a single domain hosting.


Another great option is the lesser known Mail.com, a good, free emailing service, ideal for micro-businesses. A free user will receive 2GB of storage, virus protection, spam blocker and the ability to pool mail from other accounts into one Mail.com account.


If these don't quite fit, Yandex Mail offers secure mailboxes with built-in antivirus and 10GB of cloud storage per person."


more to come...


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