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Databases and backups - size and recovery


by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, November 24, 2020

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Yesterday I was working on a 102GB SQL database and backup and restore of it was rather... interesting. It took 2 hours to recover the database and restore it to production usage. One does have to hold their breath sometimes and just wait.
What is the fastest solution to database recovery and continuation of business?
Is the size of the database proportional to the time to recovery? yes, and no. why is that? so 1GB database takes 1 minute, 10GB takes 10 minutes, 100GB takes 45 minutes,  1TB takes 2 hours.  Why is that? Drives, RAM, caching, indexing, ETL magic? That is the question of the day.
Use different database technologies such that the data is spread across a cluster in JSON format with transaction logs such that accuracy is nearly 100% perfect and always duplicated and verified.
more to come...

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