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Windows - the next iteration and release - code name Lindows or better yet Linux Mint - do not lose my stuff

Microsoft Windows Linux Tux

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, November 16, 2020

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In advance of whatever is coming next from Microsoft, what will be the Windows platform for the next decade? Will it be capable of what is expected in Space? NASA? I prefer we build and deploy a new OS for space, and skip the Microsoft OS, the Apple OS, the Linux OS, and merge and combine and become a Space OS.
Until then, here is my rant and speech of what we have, what we can do and what can be eliminated.
Well, let's see what has been fixed, made easier, and made more difficult. Remember, Bill Gates promised the goal of Windows is to make life easier. Let's make it easier. Did it? (see footnotes to see colloquial explanation)
What will the next version of Windows be called or numbered?
Quick Answer: Well, historically from version Windows 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, Me, 95, 98, 98SE, 4.0, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, etc... What is going to be their final version? Like Windows 10 equalling Apple OS X (10), will it just be Lindows (Linux and Windows). I remembering buying Lindows when it was such a thing.
Maybe we just call it... say the phrase... let me install... what?  "Linux, OS X, Windows..." does not matter the hardware, right. Unless we consider the new M1 processor from Apple which is super cool. From Motorola to Intel to M1... Microsoft has not ever tried to lock out opportunity yet lock out vendor competitors, and lock in licensing, for example IBM PS/2 and Windows, Dell and Windows, Dell versus Linux, Dell and Alienware, HP versus Compaq, and HP Compaq, so on and so forth.
What will windows be called? Just Windows?  Why not @Linux_Mint
Linux Mint versus Windows
Linux - stable, fast, powerful, open, usable, cool, pretty easy
Mint - sounds like a bank, has great taste, managed and stores money from those who wish to contribute freely without loss of anything other than a great invesment.
Windows - great when clean and new, terrible when old and used. Subject to damage from lots of things; softballs, baseballs, rocks, birds, dirt, grime and temperature. Works great if you don't do nothing but look at it and through it. Do not expect it to remain perfect if a 5 year old or 65 year old touches it. Absolute chaos if so.
REF: https://www.pcmag.com/encyclopedia/term/windows-versions
What has been fixed and enhanced?
1. Antivirus and Malware enhancements and features in Microsoft security essentials
2. Printing discovery on the LAN
3. Color and Desktop Theme improvements.
PS. Should we or do we need to print if we go to space? nope. don't need the extra fibers and stuff.
What has been made easier?
1. User Interface accessibility / desktop zoom percentage by 125% to 200%
2. Installation? Maybe? Not like the OS internet re-installation with a keystroke on wifi.
3. Access to utilities like on our phone? yes, no, maybe.
What has been made more difficult or needs attention?
1. Direct WIFI printer discover (try not to find the neighbor's printers) - add ease of pairing pop-ups
2. Attempting Repair should include DISM online and offline
3. Stay out of accidental Tablet mode enable.
What are the priorities that I would put in front of developers to help users, developers, businesses, and students?
1. Performace - no need for tweak utilities
2. Usability - no need for crutches, guard rails, training wheels
3. Stability - realize when ram, hard drive, and wifi diagnostics, and other things start to decay, without fake alerts from manufacturers who lock you into their replacement items only.
4. AI ML - When you sense imminent failure in a device, immediately offload the critical stuff to a safe local destination, I mean now, capture the licensing, serial numbers, data, profile, configuration, etc.. and "ship it" to a safe harbor immediately. Don't let me lose my stuff and my configuration and all paid licenses and fees, subscription configurations, passwords, accounts, etc.
A. add situation modes to environment;
I am a developer, turn on god mode (Andy's version of God mode, not some developer group's version of it, let's talk about this), etc. turn on diagnostics logging and debugging windows like nasa space apps, and mission control, stop being so skimpy on the heads up display (HUD), come on Microsoft, you know what ticks and what does not tick, make all my monitors a full NASA display panel of diagnostic reporting on every level, on every IoT feed, on every environmental situation on all touch points that I can query, mrtg, snmp, you name it, snap capture and analyze against any and all know data sets; voice, visual, audio, shazam, siri, cortana, .. sounds like the NSA and CIA on steroids on my desktop and fully legal; why can my credit score company have authority to search the dark web with my permission and query that dark web with my credentials potential exposing me to them; talk about a touch of darkness and evil from a legit company that tempts our fate(s).
I am retired, old and can't find things, etc. turn on voice interaction Cortana and perfect the ease of Q&A AI ML chat bots voice bots. Please fix all my leaks, creaks, complaints and problems with voice authority. Please just remove my old printer and setup my new printer without asking me anything. just do it. You know what has been unplugged and offline and you know what is new within 10-20 feet. Please just do it and figure it out for me, and have me stop bugging my local IT company about having them come out and set it up. For God's sake, you said make it easier, you are not. For goodness sake, i just bought a new printer, just see it and install it for me so I can print off my christmas letters and recipes and other stuff. really, Microsoft, you said you would make it easier. you promised. oh, by the way, can't you just keep my passwords for everything since I can't remember passwords, in fact, i don't recall i ever needed passwords until you came along. hmmm. makes me wonder.

I am a student, help me with my homework and taking tests, memorizing and recalling things, speed reading, typing, and penmanship, and other things long lost that make sense to keep fresh, how to count change, how to be polite, how to, can you please bring back PE in high school and junior high and elementary school so we can play, have fun, and earn a presidential citation for being fit and healthy... plus, can you help me understand where food comes from and not the grocery store, I mean, help me learn how to garden, farm, and other things that seem so far from the cities, suburbs and others places where the truth of life exists, etc.
more to come...

© Copyright PC Magazine - in case they drop the link and loose the website and page.
REF:  https://www.pcmag.com/encyclopedia/term/windows-versions
Well, Bill Gates (his connections, father and mother and their money, Paul Allen and I chagrin Ballmer) created an industry and more. He made a trillion and more. Where are all of us in this equation. Somewhere in the mix. I prefer that we stick with Linux since my days of FreeBSD even while working at Microsoft. The UNIX System V systems, O/S 2 systems and Xenix systems at Microsoft just worked. Trust me. I know. Was Windows just an experiment to make things easier and make a lot of people richer? Of course. I knew the Dell and Compaq OEM's were banking on the desktop and IBM was betting on the server space. Suddenly, some guy named Bezos got hold of the Cloud and Google got hold of the search engine *ahem* violating our privacy to give us search results. Well, karma and payback is a *itch and while they made their money and so did alot of people, we can only blame ourselves for giving in to their euphoria for knowledge sharing and I love it. 24/7/365 internet library was my dream innovation since 1995. I was not in the right place, right people and right position. C'est la vie. Now, moving forward, I want to jump step ahead of the rest again and into space. see you there. welcome NASA and the rest to my foray of focus. The Earth, passe, Space, our Future. 

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