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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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Internet analytics, manipulation, and common sense, privacy, trust, money, safety

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, November 13, 2020

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Google is updating their analytics tags, again.
So, why implement them?
What more do you need? The bigger question, the bigger brother question - What more do they need?
I remember the day when we just wanted how many clicks and views of your website home page. That goes back to just a visual counter. Fast forward 20 years and we have every single thing we can and want to know about a visitor to your online application, game, portal, etc.
What do you really need? What is a given and what should be surprising?
I want to know the following and that's about it.
1. where are you coming from?
2. at what speed?
That's it.
What I don't care about anymore is:
1. What's your platform, PC, mobile, android, linux, apple - don't care. not necessary any more
2. What's your gender, age, other factors that just don't matter - its none of anyone's business.
All the stuff I see in these analytics is just overhead and not a need anymore. I could go on and rant about the dicing and slicing of your visitors and this and that.
Really, it comes back to knowledge sharing and enjoyment, and a shopping cart where I can whatever I want with ease and expect trust in the transaction.
We have come full circle in just 20 years from having privacy to losing privacy to getting privacy back and trust in the Internet.
I know some senior level FTC, FCC, and SEC officials are listening because of a memo I released and they received and accepted as a return to normalcy that was once there on the Internet and the hackers and capitalists have bastardized.
Let the Internet breath and return the simplicity and security within it at the same time for a fair price, free for some (really someone else is paying that bill aka taxpayers), and for profit for others.
Did anyone say blockchain was going to be a savior? Not anytime soon because they have complicated the hell out of it and the banks behind the scenes are devising the secret release of it and their massive profiteering of it shortly. That is good in a way, yet privacy like in cash will be no longer unless we do something about that too.
moral of the story; In my research and laboratories, what I discover and slowly eek out over time comes to pass 5-10-15 years later. At what cost and expense? Well, for me, not much. For the world - frustration, violation, systematic failures, loss of happiness, and loss of stability; yet for the capitalists who provoke and taunt and create mayhem to profiteer; of course, buy on the dip, create the bubble, sell at the top, cause the crash, and buy on the dip, wash, rinse and repeat. That is our human condition. Get use to it. I did. Capitalize on it if you can.
#gbdr #google #analytics #security #speed #privacy #aup #internet #bitcoin
more to come...

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