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Laboratory for your business, research, testing and innovation - do you have one or more labs

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, November 12, 2020

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Do you have a laboratory for research, innovation, testing, and product release?
I do. I have three+ laboratories; one for servers, systems, and networking. One for hardware design and modifications, and one for software application database development and testing. Actually, I do have a fourth laboratory per se office for business, finance, accounting, reporting, and administration. My work benches in the garage and my hobby benches are also available yet those are for more non-technical and business things; yet like Einstein and Edison, they had barns to do their innovation.
Given all that, do you have such at work or at home? I hope so.
Remember, if you are not working on a project or projects, you are not moving your organization forward.
Spend 50% of your day on projects, and 50% of your day in production and support of your clients, and direct contact with your organization and/or clients so you know when and how your projects will slide in, stick and propel your organization forward according to vision and mission and serve your clients happily.!
Quality control and management of your projects is vital sticking to your milestones, critical paths, and KPIs and other metrics; cost accounting and controls are very important. Remember; scope, time, and resources.
Scarcity is a rarely used term in some organizations while others live in that daily.
here are some cartoons of research labs that you might like:  https://bit.ly/2ImhypX
more to come...

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