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Windows 10 image backup from Intel i7 920 to AMD Ryzen 3700X

Microsoft Windows AMD Processor Intel Processor

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, November 8, 2020

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Over the last 3 months, various methods to backup and clone my i7 920 Windows 10 on 500GB SSD to a AMD Ryzen 3700X with 1TB m.2 2280 NVMe was unsuccessful, until last night.
The trick was the MSI X570 had to be switched from System BIOS UEFI to CSM mode. That was all.
The backup from the i7 920 500GB to the 3TB external WD USB took 4 hours, and the restore was successful and it took 2 hours. The boot worked once I changed the motherboard from UEFI to CSM. Windows activated, Office 2019 did not, and Adobe CS4 activated. Its a wonder why Office 2019 did not re-activate but whatever, another Microsoft bug. Same problem different day
Overall, it worked. Yay! Will I leave it this way, the 3700X? No, probably just go back to Linux Mint configuration and move all my development stuff to my AMD Ryzen 3950X which is where I have things split right now, between my i7 920 and the 3950X.
more to come...

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