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Stateful conditions and the way of the world - this too shall come to pass

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, November 6, 2020

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I was watching a video from Linus Tech Tips this morning and he referred to #AMDRyzen again stomping #Intel in the CPU market. Oh well. Another day, another competition won or lost, yet this too shall pass.
Wait! What? This too shall pass. I like that when things seem to good to be true or to ugly and difficult to survive. Yet, one does and life moves on.
REF 1: LTT video on YouTube - "Remember this Day"
REF 2: This too shall pass on Wikipedia
Remember, when you think all is good or all is bad, it is just temporary, and no one really cares anyhow, yet you do, and should take things more lightly and have more fun like when you were a kid and you did not know about all the ugly in the world. It is man made anyhow, so don't worry. Nature has a way of dealing with the bad and letting the good just live on and recycle itself over and over. 
more to come...

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