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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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Is your Sonicwall slowing down your Internet connection speeds

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, October 31, 2020

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Are you experiencing a slow down in your Internet connection and you have an advanced firewall protection router and network protection appliance, also known as, something like a Sonicwall Firewall Network device?
Well, be rest assured, if you do, that is great. Don't fret. Because you are only getting 60-70% of your Internet service speed, say, 65-75MB versus 85-95MB on a 100MB downstream circuit, don't worry. You can see if that is the case just by plugging your test device, a laptop, directly into your Spectrum Charter cable modem (RJ45) connection and doing a speed test. You will see amazing speeds I am sure.
Then, you put your network security appliance, a SonicWall router, back into place and do a speed test from behind it, and you see the reduction in speed by some degree. In some cases, you won't see it immediately and in other cases, depending on the time of day, the load from your LAN, that is okay. That just means its doing its job, yet still slowing you down a bit. Tis better be safer than sorry.
This leads me to an article I just read that might help explain things (see REF link). All of what the article describes is true to some degree. It's okay, its called overhead, acceptable overhead. Now it can be tweaked and you can verify some things like packet sizes, frames, other things in the device that are running that are needed yet can confirm or deny your concerns and suspicions.
Whatever you do, keep your firewall on and keep you security services configured properly and reviewed regularly, and keep your logs and monitoring and alerts in place. SonicWall has subscription plans that just work, ATP, maybe 500-1000 quid ($) per year, yet that is cheap insurance to halt and stop possible bad actors and traffic coming into and leaving your network and home and business.
REF1: https://www.sikich.com/insight/troubleshooting-network-performance-on-a-sonicwall-firewall/
REF2: https://www.sonicwall.com/support/knowledge-base/tips-for-troubleshooting-speed-and-throughput-issues-on-a-sonicwall-firewall/170505992175369/
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