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Your Favorite Pastor, The Message

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, March 26, 2018

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Your Favorite Pastor, The Message

March 26, 2018


Why do we sometimes gravitate to one pastor versus another? Be it a pastor, evangelist, bishop, clergy, minister, etc..whatever their title they are your favorite.


Could it be a personal sense of connection in how they orate?  Is it the message or is it how they present it? A little of both? Is it the timing of the message in relation to world events? In relationship with your personal events?


I believe all things come at the right time as written when you need to hear it the most. It is divine? Yes. Even if you don't realize it yet, things happen for good reason at the right time and sometimes unexpectedly.



Pastor Examples to Ponder and Consider


Take for example the following pastors, great orators, evangelists. There is not rhyme or reason to the list, just a list that came to mind as I pondered this question; your favorite pastor and why?


For now, LSReno Pastor Harvey keeps me on my toes.


Historically in my humble opinion and experience; locally here in Reno Sparks Nevada for which I have been exposed are some single words that were first impression and over time, developed understanding with reason.


Pastor Angelo (NLCC) - pragmatic, realist - circa 2017

Pastor Harvey (LSReno) - passionate, compelling - circa 2018

Pastor Sean Randall (FFF) - invigorating, humorous - circa 2003

Pastor Dan (Grace) - no nonsense, just thinks - circa 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2014, 2016, 2017


Across the global viewed on TV, here are some orators which I find interesting and have just a word of reflection on each.. it's not bad.. just something you get when you first listen and listen a little more...


The Pope (Vatican) - many of them, they should cruise state by state in the USA twice per year.

Bill Graham - (Crusades) - a great orator (RIP) - a legacy.

John Hagee - straight up, a little humor

Benny Hinn - oh my.. repeat that twice...

Jim Baker - uh oh

Paul Crouch - for reals...

Joel Olsteen - interesting, smiles too much. ;-) doh

Creflo Dollar - really? hmmm.

Jesse Duplantis - just a head nod

T.D. Jakes - oh really?
David Jeremiah - good one to think about..

Joyce Meyer - oh yeah.. really really..

Pat Robertson - really

Kerry Shook - interesting.

Charles Stanley - thoughtful, contemplative, direct

Jimmy Swaggart - for reals..

Robert Tilton - oh my...


there are many more... ... more to come... GodSpeed..



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