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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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Efficiently re-setup WAN LAN networking in new office spaces

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by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, October 30, 2020

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When you help a client move, if you are not involved in the planning stages other than being on the end of the move and making the new site "hot" and usable, make sure those unplugging the networking equipment keep the DC adapters and power cables with the networking equipment and all the cables they need for the computers they are moving.
1. identify the new installation date and time window
2. make sure the ISP installer has your cell phone number to call you when they are about ready for you as the IT cut-over specialist.
3. make sure the movers keep vital network equipment in a safe location, like the front seat of their car or truck to ensure it does not get lost in the mix.
4. efficiently manage your time and get things done. if there are delays or rescheduling of the cut over, do not fret, just go with the flow and make things work.
5. make sure the internet service level agreement or contract matches observed performance
6. make your cabling match as much as possible
7. keep your test tools and equipment under control and don't forget and leave them onsite
8. thank the ISP installer for their quality of work if they did a great job. not all ISP installers are equal.
9. make sure the stakeholder and owner(s) are happy with the turn up process and all is well.
10. update your security documentation for wireless if it changed or some was added.
11. make sure your wifi router is not in a closet where signal range is limited.
12. make sure to take pictures of the old installation and the new installation including vital wiring, power connections, and new passwords, locks and keys for equipment closet
that's about it for now. enjoy the move.
more to come...

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