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Internet bandwidth ISP complaint doing work, only pulling 20MB on 100MB circuit

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, October 24, 2020

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Last month, we received a notification from our ISP Spectrum Charter about a network something or ruther complaint. They would not give the details. #CharterSpectrum Cable Internet as an #ISP is good. Their notification system could be improved with better details on sources of complaints rather than generic boiler plate text.
Well, we are a business, 100MB/20MB cable circuit, and doing programming, repairing virus infected computers, and the ISP said we had a problem.
Well, that is possible for some of the isolated network segments we work from due to virus infected computers we diagnose and repair. So the source of the issue is limited yet possibly relevant. Can you imagine what the client's home network was like untethered and unchecked? Yikes.
However, we also have programming going on that is averaging 10-20MB/sec of network traffic, an equivalent of my kids and wife pulling NetFlix or Amazon Prime Video movies combined, or Twitch, or Stream, and they average combined 30-40MB/sec.
Well, if you get a complaint from an ISP, and you respond, and they do not respond to your response, what do you do? No details, just it could be one of ten things. I asked for the source of the complaint and no response.
Isn't life grand when customer service at Spectrum is non-responsive. Not.
more to come..

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