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President Trumps tweets

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, April 1, 2018

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President Trump's tweets

April 1, 2018

While at work, a few customers commented about President Trump's tweets. How they are so wild and annoying. I smirked and looked at them and replied, "I like them."


Why do I like Trump's tweets? Because, its unfiltered, unedited and direct. It creates a conversation, and there is no delay and confusion in what he says and to all at the same time.


The media used to have the lion's share of 1st to report the news. Now, they can only play catch up, plus dissect, interpolate, translate, ponder, speculate, blur, twist, turn and further spin ... the President's candid thoughts and actions.


My friends blinked in amazement and thought and replied, "that's a pretty interesting way to look at it."


I continued.


Previous President's may have seemed more hard to direct read -- with rosie glasses and pink petals, puppy dogs, sometimes a frowns, a few chagrins, and other mediocre types of body language.


While I admit and ask myself, "what is Presidential these days?"


Presidential is all about leadership in action, with intent and ahead of schedule and with a sense of urgency in every decision. I like the President's measure of urgency. Why does Congress that 30 years to get something done? If it is a priority, then communicate that every day to the public with a status report and get it done. Period.


My MBA friends use to say "communication" was #1 in our stack ranking of leader qualities while often argued it was the leadership component in a leader.


My friends said - I guess his tweets are better than nothing than news spin days if not weeks later.


Enjoy the tweets while they last.


more to come...

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