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MS-DOS batch cmd file scripting - review in gathering processing files

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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This is Just a quick if conditional scan for files wherever you drop your script command (cmd) batch file.
filename: scandirsfiles.cmd - this is unfinished, just something I am considering for a tool.
 @echo off
@echo scanning drive
if exist  scandrivelock.txt (
    rem locking file exists so need to bail out
    @echo locking file exists
    if exist alldirfiles.txt (
        rem scan_drive is processing
    ) else (
        rem scan drive is not processing, why not
) else (
    rem locking does not exist so lock it and get things started
    @echo lock > scandrivelock.txt
    rem process directory search from existing drop point
    dir /b /s > alldirfiles.txt
    rem scan complete, remove lock file
    @del scandrivelock.txt
@echo done

more to come...

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