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PDF readers, editors and the cost and licensing options on Windows Linux Apple

Microsoft Windows Apple Mac OS Linux Tux

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, October 16, 2020

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What is the PDF generator, reader, and editor that you have?
So what and how do you generate a PDF file, edit a PDF file, and view/read a PDF file.
Well, to create, it can be Adobe Acrobat, PrimoPDF (now Nitro), Foxit, Microsoft Print to PDF, and any and all office packages like Microsoft Office, Libre Office, Open Office, etc. The Save As, Print To, or Export as/to menu item feature is the solution. Even scan to PDF is better than other options of just scan to email scan to server, scan to pc. scan to PDF is cool too, on a jump/thumb drive plugged into your printer, scan, fax device(s).
To edit, mostly Adobe Acrobat ; don't care about version: 6.0 7.0 9.0, X, XI, 2015, 2017, 2019, etc... It just works.
To read, Adobe Reader, Foxit, Edge, etc.
For a moment, PrimoPDF was my go to for clients instead of Adobe Acrobat when it was overpriced, and then I saw Nitro PDF and that was cool so I know about that one, yet forgot. Primo and Nitro are definitely worthy.
Foxit Definitely -- To bookmark, definitely FoxIt. FoxIt i have used for 15 years because of its bookmarking ability long before anyone else. I have about 10 medical practices with 3-4 doctors using FoxIt. They like it.
What are the pricing options? Its seems to be either by the PC in one time cost which I like the most versus a subscription. Prices range for the single perpetual license of $50 to $90.
For the subscription, about $20-40/month. Some of the professional editions are never fully used, so why not use the standard edition instead. The Pro can be $100 to $200 per license one time, while the subscription based licensing can be less or more, depending on work flow, sharing, features, maintenance and support. I really don't need the support and maintenance since we do IT as well.
I just want to pay the cost once, $50-$150 and be done. Yes, I will keep my license to myself.
It's that simple. 5 pack OEM licenses, 10, 25, 50, etc. or just a two pack.
The subscription model is good for the OEM not so much for the client. The licensing control can be either at the OEM which is mostly normal these days. the Volume License or Enterprise License parameters are about the same.
more to come...

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