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Responsibility and where does it start and end in IT, Journalism, TV, Radio - ethics in all communications

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, October 14, 2020

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I had the opportunity to listen to the radio this morning. Usually, I listen for 30-40 minutes in the morning and I picked a local radio station and it was interesting.
Just like television, reporters, journalism, and now radio hosts (aka DJ's, lest not forget about congressional leaders aka akin to political hacks - there are good ones and not so good, like news hosts on GMA, MTP, etc.) Some a great and some need to reconsider their line of work.
Everyone is going through something. When I hear about our news, radio and TV throwing shade at something or someone or a group, I always look at the big picture considering all things. Do we know the truth. Should we chime in, or remain silent to defend both parties rather cast judgement. What is not being told here and is there a winner, loser, or just a bad situation and stalemate.
I guess its all the same, ethics in all communications and responsibility and accountability. Even for me, when does one know to speak up or just remain silent. Remember, we want to share, learn, have fun, don't be so serious, ask great questions and don't get into the drama too much. We always love a great mystery, yet sometimes, it's better to keep one's verbal comments to themselves if they don't have something good to say.
Maybe it goes more to the motivation of how are we trying to shape our society, if there is an agenda, are ethics involved, and is there an issue with like libel and slander. No, just to mention, that we need to remain accountable to each other and help each other.
One would hope we all just remember to not make fun of others bad situations and just say, yeah, i know it sucks. Wish all parties involved well, and hope they move on to the next thing. Remember, and this too shall come to pass.
Have a great day, great week, great life. help more than you hurt. speak up when appropriately. make your point and remove and take down your comments when the point is made. 
For me in IT and business, I sometimes say things not quite right yet were my words intentional or just lazy and without consideration and care. I feel bad when a hard drive crashes, or a computer comes in dead on arrival (DOA), and internally, it's like a little death and for the other person bringing in the PC patient, server or network patient, they are crushed. True. It's bad and can be worse for others, yet like a doctor, bedside manners of the patient need to always be checked.
For me, I have to keep my sense of humor applied to the right situations and refrain from throwing shade at inappropriate times and at inappropriate subjects. We need to have more fun and live more lightly, and still keep our freedoms of speech, writings, posts, and verbal thoughts protected too. Yet, feedback is just that. Like Paul Harvey, and that's the rest of the story, or like Walter Cronkite, we have all faux pas's in live.
Ps. we should never have fun at someone else's expense, and the cancel culture should not be supported and avoided. Everyone's freedom's are at risk otherwise. Does the golden rule apply here.
more to come...

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