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PC Performance - analysis

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, April 4, 2018

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PC Performance - analysis

April 4, 2018

This is an explanation of PC performance as it is based on twenty years of experience and observation, rigorous measurements, and thorough testing. This analysis encompasses over 35 years of computing experience.


While this is just the start of this article and subject for so many who believe they have it figured out, the answer is really simple. Does your PC seem faster after it's tuned up or not?


The latest release of GoGreen PC TuneUp™ in comparison to contemporary utilities like CCleaner, ComboFix, MBAM, and Tweaking.com's Windows Repair AIO, one can determine not all approaches are equal and can stand alone without the other.


GoGreen PC TuneUp™ approach is holistic in approach from the usability and optimization balance performance stand point. The other utilities drudge through brute force approach to PC performance.



GoGreen PC TuneUp™ looks at a PC to optimize and streamline in the following order, and for good reason.

  1. User Interface

  2. CPU

  3. File System

  4. Virtual Memory

  5. Network

The performance check can baseline your system given specific ranges of good to great performance. However, visibly a PC tune-up to streamline and optimize your computer is subjective unless you actually have before and after results.



The before, during and after results can be quantitative versus qualitative.


For example, Windows System Restore in terms of being enabled or not after a Windows 10 major upgrade versus being configured optimally even if enabled. That is not subjective. Ironically, this feature of Windows was nicely designed and poorly executed, and continues to be poorly executed.


more to come...





To Download the latest free performance checker by GoGreen PC Tune-Up™ go to Mountain Computers website at https://mountaincomputers.org/GoGreenPCTuneUp.asp


To Tune Up the System, one must have a retail code or volume license code to activate the software.

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