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in Heaven, why are we not tempted by the devil?

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, April 14, 2018

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in Heaven, why are we not tempted by the devil?

April 14, 2018


Interesting question: when we die and go to Heaven, why are we not tempted by the devil?


As an adult without a formal theology education, the answer is not so simple. One can believe because we are in the presence of the all mighty God, the devil would not be around.


Normal human beings today who do not wish to think past their mortal life and ponder the questions about heaven, might not want to broach the subject.


I believe in being prepared as much as possible, so the question is a good one. As far as I know, we all die sometime in the future. When we die, our spirit and being continues on and our mortal physical body is discarded for the most part, unless you are an organ donor.


Regardless, the question, why is the devil not able to tempt you in heaven as he can on Earth?


The best answer I can come up with are this:


1. God cast the devil out of heaven


Therefore, if God cast him out, then he is basically banished and not allowed to be there.


Well, that being said, what about our thoughts in heaven; would we even be tempted to think of the devil when in heaven?


That is an odd question. Why would we even think about it.


Would God want all to be saved? We are all sinners, even the devil. Then why would not God want us to even consider praying for those we love, even those that God has not per se pardoned.


That strikes at the heart of the 1st Adam versus the 2nd Adam. In the old testament, the promise was broken by Adam and Eve and mankind was banished from Eden. In the new testament, Jesus came to save us all even we believe in him and what he did for us for all eternity.


Would it be possible to be believe that our thoughts while in heaven can also pray for goodness and grace for all, even the devil. It seems the devil was a pretty cool being at one point and got sort of narcissistic and for the lack of a better description fell from heaven.


Ponder the thought, I am sure God wants us to do many things must most of all love him, and love our neighbors and behave as Jesus did to the best of our ability.


Will we ever see the devil return to heaven. Is the devil really all that bad? I believe in good for all and many and yet, if there is order in the world and universe, then all will come to be as one in the end.


Many travels and adventures await us today and tomorrow and forever.


When pastors and other evangelists preach about how bad we are as sinners and keep reminding us of how bad we are, maybe we need to focus also on how good we are. Shame into submission to follow God and a higher being is not one of a guilt trip.


Should we be one to teach and remind each other of how good things can be if we just shed the past, not keep being reminded of it, not necessarily denial, but focus and do only good and the rest of our temptation to do bad will fall away and being eliminated all together.


I believe in America the evangelism of sin, and being sinners is one to note and move on, and occasionally stop and remind ourselves when we weaken and are tempted. Other countries focus on the good will and love of a God and a higher being and to love each other as a focus.


Why do American evangelists keep going over and over the Bible like nobody has heard of it. They keep analyzing and re-analyzing it over and over and sharing that like a full time job, rather than just say, "hey, here is the Bible a guide book to life. Read it, study it, once you have done that, come back to it when you need to remember how something is good and how to avoid something that is bad."


Maybe break up church services to be more of layers and levels, like K-12 for believers as adults. That was just a considerable thought, you know, when you write and ponder, usually the last sentence should be the first sentence because it is a synthesis of exploration of thoughts and while writing the culmination because an "ah ha" moment.


English is such a poor language to describe that which we wish to convey, yet for now it is all we have until we are truly telepathic like our Holy Spirit, God and Jesus are with some of us. At the speed of thought and prayer all things can come to be.


Amen. God Speed.





1. https://www.biblesprout.com/articles/hell/satan-cast-heaven/

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