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Planning your teams Cross Training and Legacy Applications

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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In this day and age where the legacy applications of old are still running and the employees that support that are aging and retiring, one needs a succession plan for both the applications and the employees.
That is where cross training and legacy application support and migration come into play.
Here are some basic key considerations:
1. how deep is  your team in legacy application knowledge and expertise?
2. how much professional development is on your schedule for cross training and expertise improvement?
3. do you have up to date data recovery and business continuity in your legacy applications? is vendor support gone and you are on your own? If so, that is fine. Just remember, try to guarantee 100% uptime regardless.
4. if ransomware hit your legacy application, would your legacy team members be able to successfully recover everything to allow your business to continue without paying the ransom?
5. is your security for both your legacy applications and legacy employees minds and assets fully protected?
6. is your documentation on the legacy applications and inventory of expertise to support those up to date?
7. are the key employees retiring sooner than later because of COVID-19 and you need to fast track your cross training to younger and less experienced IT employees in specific legacy applications?
8. what is your short and long term game plan to let stakeholders know and trust you in making sure everything is under control and tested?
9. how much cost will it take to fill in the gaps of your legacy application support and continuation?
10. is your master plan up to date and will you need to fast track any new applications to take over legacy applications?
for me, these are just a few of the key considerations and its easy if you have funds already in the pipeline and can be shifted around; however, if no funds have been planned for legacy application continued support and migration, then one might need to raise the bar and raise the red flag to say we need to refocus on energies and activities towards successfully continuing our IT legacy applications and moving everything from old to new.
more to come...

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